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The Choreography Therapy

Article author Iuliia Sezonenko A practicing therapiest in sensory integration Founder/CEO in Sensoria Dancing has been a means of people’s communication for ages and is a unique-universal language which comes from our body and movements. In its turn, our body … Continue reading

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Preventing Burnout

Burnout is very real in this field, and is common among social service occupations in general. The work that we do, while extremely rewarding, can also be challenging, frustrating, disappointing, and sometimes dangerous (such as with aggressive clients). Since we … Continue reading

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An Autistic Eleven-Year-Old Is Building The World’s Biggest Lego Ship

st summer, eleven year old Brynjar Karl set out to build the biggest Lego ship the world has seen—a replica of the Titanic itself. As we learned when we paid him a visit, autistic Brynjar is a remarkable kid fostering … Continue reading

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Creating an Optimum Home Environment for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

It is not practical to try to give a single set of instructions for every family in every home with every child with some degree of autism. Not only is each child a unique individual with distinct requirements, but there … Continue reading

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Troubled Future For Young Adults On Autism Spectrum

“Mom, Dad, what’s wrong with me?” Michael Moscariello was a smart, thoughtful 10-year-old when that question burst out one evening before dinner. He knew from kids at his school in Reading that something was not right. His parents knew too; … Continue reading

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