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The Choreography Therapy

Article author Iuliia Sezonenko A practicing therapiest in sensory integration Founder/CEO in Sensoria Dancing has been a means of people’s communication for ages and is a unique-universal language which comes from our body and movements. In its turn, our body … Continue reading

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FAQ: Dealing with Aggression

Welcome to a week long (or more!) set of posts dedicated to your frequently asked questions. I pulled these reoccurring themes from emails, comments, and facebook. If a bunch of people have the same concern – there are probably more … Continue reading

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Myths About Autism and Mental Retardation by Sue Rubin

As a really autistic person I am definitely qualified to address the topic of myths about autism and mental retardation.  The first myth I would like to attack is that 75% to 80% of all people with autism are mentally retarded.  Some … Continue reading

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Infant Monkeys Given Standard Doses of Vaccines Develop Autism Symptoms

Infant Vaccines Produce Autism Symptoms in New Primate Study by University Of Pittsburgh Scientists Routine Safety Study That Government Scientists Refused to Do Illustrates Vaccine Program and Mercury Health Risks Atlanta, GA: Findings released today showed that infant monkeys given vaccines … Continue reading

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What Do Autistic People Want From Science?

Today is Autistics Speaking Day, developed in response to an ill-conceived fundraising campaignfrom 2010 asking people to stop communicating so they could experience being autistic (!). On any day, you get a daily dose of stories about autism-related scientific findings, but how … Continue reading

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