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Doctors Denounce Cancer Drug Prices of $100,000 a Year

With the cost of some lifesaving cancer drugs exceeding $100,000 a year, more than 100 influential cancer specialists from around the world have taken the unusual step of banding together in hopes of persuading some leading pharmaceutical companies to bring … Continue reading

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Nearly Half of Children With Autism Wander or ‘Bolt’ from Safe Places

ScienceDaily (Oct. 8, 2012) — A new study published October 8 in the journal Pediatrics found that nearly half of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are reported to wander or “bolt,” and more than half of these children go missing. Led by … Continue reading

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Going to a museum

There has been a revolution in museums over the course of the last 10 years. Many museums have moved away from the traditional concept of glass cases and hushed tones and here has been a move towards interactive displays which involve … Continue reading

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‘Echolilia’ by Timothy Archibald

Timothy Archibald, photographer from San Francisco make a few photos his autistic 5 year old son. He call it Echolilia. Official site:

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Sensitivity and Specificity of Proposed DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Objective This study evaluated the potential impact of proposed DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Method The study focused on a sample of 933 participants evaluated during the DSM-IV field trial; 657 carried a clinical diagnosis of an ASD, and 276 were … Continue reading

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