st summer, eleven year old Brynjar Karl set out to build the biggest Lego ship the world has seen—a replica of the Titanic itself. As we learned when we paid him a visit, autistic Brynjar is a remarkable kid fostering some high goals and big ambitions—after six months and 56,000 Lego bricks and untold hours of toil, it’s safe to say the results are amazing. With only about 5,000 bricks to go, the 6.3metre long Lego-Titanic is getting massive in scale, as you may see for yourself in the accompanying video.

Brynjar has always been infatuated with the Titanic but what inspired him to make this dream a reality? “I uploaded a video to YouTube, asking if I should build the Titanic, and Lego saw the video, contacted me and told me that they wanted me to build the ship,” Brynjar says. “When I uploaded the video I had no clue that this would actually happen.”

The ship was designed by his grandfather and is as close a replicate of the original as is possible. During our visit, we learned that Brynjar’s ambition knows no bounds—when he finishes the project, he plans to either display the finished product in a museum, or create his own “Lego Iceland,” featuring the Lego Titanic as crown jewel. “It depends on if I get permission from my mom, and if I can raise the money… Such a place would be really expensive to establish,” Brynjar told us, smiling at the thought.

Brynjar plans to finish the construction sometime in February, but the ship will go on display at the Smára Tívolí in Smáralind in a few days time. Incidentally, Brynjar’s celebrates his birthday on January 20, and he plans to celebrate by visiting the Tívolí with his class, to see the ship and have some fun.

If you want to take a look at the ship, help Brynjar with the construction or just follow him on his journey, go like his Facebook Page already!

An Autistic Eleven-Year-Old Is Building The World’s Biggest Lego Ship

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